Skiers Death by Avalanche in Rocky Mountains

Four skiers were killed in an avalanche in the American Rocky Mountains. Four others could be saved.

Rescue workers received a weak distress signal shortly before noon from Millcreek Canyon, located in a spur of the Rocky Mountains in Utah state. Then a rescue operation was set up with helicopters. It turned out to be two groups of winter sports enthusiasts, of three and five men, who had gone off-piste.

Because the eight victims had avalanche pipers with them, they could be removed from under the snow. The survivors, aged 23 to 38 years, were transported to the hospital by helicopter. It is not known how they are.

The dead are expected to be recovered tomorrow. Nothing has yet been disclosed about their identity. The eight winter sports enthusiasts were known to each other.

According to the Utah Avalanche Center, the area is dangerous because a lot of snow has fallen recently. There was also an avalanche in the same area on Friday.