Skipper of wheelless boat at Baarlo was under the influence of alcohol

The skipper of the ship that sailed this afternoon against a ferry on the Maas near Baarlo has been apprehended. He turned out to be under the influence of alcohol.

According to the police, the age and place of residence of the man who was driving the ship are not known. Police investigation should show if the ship had any technical defects. For example, research is being carried out on the ship, the police inspects radar images and the communication traffic on the transceiver (VHF) is examined.

Around 14.00 hours an inland barge appeared to be in trouble on the Maas river near Baarlo and Belfeld. The ship had become steerless and floated over the fast-flowing river towards Venlo.

At Steyl, the ship collided with the Baarlo-Steyl ferry. According to Rijkswaterstaat, the skipper then regained control of the vessel and was able to sail on his own to the lock near Belfeld. Thats where the ship was moored, after which the police started the investigation.