Skippers book first win at 100 meters this season

Dafne Schippers won the 100 meters at the Continental Tour races in Chorzรณw, Poland. The Utrecht rider, who holds the Dutch record with 10.81 seconds, crossed the finish line after 11.29 seconds.

In a race without world leaders Schippers ran her first 100 meters of the season. After a moderate start she got on steam, after which she passed the Polish Ewa Swoboda and the Swiss Alja Del Ponte in the final meters.

Nadine Visser was defeated on the 100 meter hurdles by Elvira German and suffered her first defeat of the season. Visser seemed to go for the win without any threat, but after she tapped the seventh hurdle, the balance was lost for a while. With 12.95 seconds she gave in on the Belarusian 0.08.

Javelin throwing highlight of the evening

But the highlight of the evening was the spear throw by the German Johannes Vetter. The world champion of 2017 and number two of the 2019 World Cup came to a distance of 97.76 meters, the second best throw in history. The world record with 98.40 meters since 1996 is still in the hands of the Czech Jan Zelezny.

To keep the part safe, the spear has been adjusted several times over the decades. In 1984 Uwe Hohn, then still under the flag of East Germany, reached 104.80 meters. Afterwards it was decided to bring the centre of gravity in the spear forward, so that it descends earlier.