Skippers Chameleon sail too fast, water police stop filming

Yesterday, the water police in Friesland stopped the film shootings of De Kameleon because they were sailing too fast. Director Steven de Jong says he received exemptions from the municipality for the shooting, but was fined anyway.

He would have permission to sail 30 to 40 kilometres per hour on certain stretches. According to the director, this kind of speed is part of the film.

Minor and no sailing license

For the film, the actors, Sens and Imme Gerritsen from Utrecht, have to sail little bits and pieces. To do so, they got their theory sailing license. Because they are underage, they are not allowed to take a practical exam.

For the recordings they did get permission to sail on certain stretches of the Frisian waters themselves. For the area where the crew filmed on Wednesday, the municipality had not granted an exemption. The director told the police that he did not know exactly where the forbidden area started.

According to the police this is no excuse: “Then you have to take someone with you who knows the exact way when you go on the water”, says the spokesman to the Leeuwarder Courant.

The crew also received a warning from the police because they didn’t keep a meter and a half distance in the boat.

Not fast back in Friesland

On Twitter, Steven de Jong lets us know that he is furious. He says he will contest the fine. He also says he won’t be shooting another film in Friesland any time soon.

The third Chameleon film is expected to be screened in Dutch cinemas next summer.