Skul bagel: The Hero Slayer is out of early Steam access

Publishing house NEOWIZ and developers from the studio SouthPaw Games announced that their action bagel Skul: The Hero Slayer has come out of early access Steam, which has been in since February last year. The main character became a skeleton named Rock, one of the demon king‘s henchmen. The rocks were the only one to escape captivity, after the Imperial army defeated the citadel of demons.

The main feature of the Rocks is possible to receive additional abilities depending on wearing skull. At the same time, the hero can use up to two skulls, which can be changed right during the boy.

In version 1. 0 players are waiting for the last two chapters with huge bosses at the end of each, more than 50 different skulls, Scala’s completed backstory, new NPCs, maps for each chapter, traps and devices, as well as redesigned abilities, improved opponents and bosses.

Until February 4, Skul: The Hero Slayer can be bought in Steam with 20% discount for 348 rubles. More on Gambling Authors Valorant significantly reworked Split Test HITMAN 3 card from Digital Foundry: Xbox Series X bypassed PS5 by permission Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to free Play Dead Cells.