Sky Beneath demo lets you play with gravity

Independent Finnish studio Mindhaven Games has released a demo version of the Sky Beneath adventure puzzle. It is available on Steam and allows you to get acquainted with the main mechanics of the future game. Plot puzzle platformer tells the story of a scavenger Cassie, who searches in search of the abandoned mines and factory.

In this she is helped by Annies artificial intelligence and advanced alien technology. And the key among them will be interaction with gravitation.

Changing the direction of attraction, Cassie will be able to make his way to inaccessible places and solve spatial puzzles. In the course of the study, we learn the story of how the cooperation between humans and the alien mining company was destroyed and maybe we will be able to wrap everything to the better.

Sky Beneath should come out in Steam this year. Over time, the game is going to be released on consoles too.

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