Sky photos for Forza Horizon 5 took 75TB

Developer diaries dedicated to Forza Horizon 5 described the process of creating a photorealistic sky for a new part of the series. To collect material, the studio brought an improved rig to Mexico three cameras that were used to create the third and fourth parts. With them every 30 seconds, they shot the sky and combined the resulting images into a single image with a resolution of 12K.

So the developers shot approximately 400 hours, recording the heavens not only in different weather but also in different natural conditions. This will be enough to create approximately 2,000 sky presets in the game.

By comparison, there were only 300 such sets in the fourth Forza Horizon. At the same time, the developers emphasize that weather effects will now be generated not only around the player, as was the case before, but also at long distances.

In other words, if you noticed a growing storm somewhere on the horizon, its quite feasible to drive and chase it in unasy. Interestingly, all the photos took almost 75 TB on hard drives.

To avoid spending time pumping this amount of data over the Network, data from Mexico to England was sent to physical media. Recall, Forza Horizon 5 will be released on November 9, 2021.

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