Skyforge has already made it to Nintendo Switch

Allods Team together with MY. GAMES released Skyforge on Nintendo Switch, where the rather popular action-MMORPG is distributed on a familiar shareware model. Developers promise to actively support the fresh version of the project and release all upcoming updates for free for everyone.

But even in its current form, the game is able to give hundreds of hours of gameplay thanks to a unique system of quick switching between all 18 classes. Skyforge newcomers will receive a set of awards, including Cyberwar costume and Oath wings, as well as divine tattoos and gaze.

The promotion is valid until March 5. In Skyforge, players in the role of Immortals go to an unusual world where they crossed elements of fantasy and science fiction.

There they have to study the neighborhood, perform tasks and fight with opponents – in general, to deal with things standard for the genre. More on CCeit Sonic will receive its thematic Lego set by Sonic Mania Creators Breathedge are preparing for the February release IOI announced February content for HITMAN III.