“Skyrim Grandma” voiced a fashion dedicated to her for Skyrim

Shirley Curry, an 85-year-old fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is known to appear in part six of the series. Bethesda has already conducted a 3D scan of the oldest gamershi and created a game model Skyrim-Grandma, although it is not yet known what role Shirley will play in the game. However, enthusiasts are not wanted to wait for The Elder Scrolls VI and decided to add Grandma to the game right now.

And a custom modification Shirley — A Skyrim Follower Mod is already available on the sites NexusMods and Bethesda. net.

Players will be able to find Shirley in the world, and she will be happy to join the squad after short quest. The game companion is a classic barbarian with two-handed weapons, but if necessary, she can take a unique bow.

The companion is endowed with character and personality, she willingly will comment on places and events during travel. Shirley Curry herself recorded a special voiceover of all her game cues, she was delighted with the prospect of being in her favorite game.

Mod Shirley — A Skyrim Follower Mod supports only the Skyrim Special Edition version. But work is already underway on the option for the vanilla game.

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