Skyrim mod allows you to feel the pain of unrequited love

User jayserpa introduced a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which allows you to offer a hand and heart to different NPCs – and get a refusal. The mod was called Immersive Rejections (there is Russian and he adds more than 100 new lines to characters who are no longer interested in Dovakin. At the same time, the refusal can be mild or harsh, depending on the mood of the NPC.

According to jayserpa, Immersive Rejections does not change the standard conditions for entering into a marriage union inโ€ Skyrimโ€ โ€” you need to be with an amulet to see the lines. The mod in action can be seen in the video below – in it Dovakin has to experience the pain of a broken heart for almost 9 minutes.

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