Sleeping in the must-see hotel in Zaandam

A good bed, a nice shower, a perfect service. VROI crowns a hotel of the week every week. This time Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, better known as the cottage hotel.

He must have an unprecedented energy, Abboud. Abboud not only serves us perfectly in the hotel restaurant Puur Saen, but like a buff out of a box he suddenly stands behind the bar. What do we want to end our dinner with? Something again with that nice Zaanse liqueur?

We had because on his advice our meal started, prosecco with a touch of this local brew. That came hard! Fortunately, we can then muffle the alcohol with dishes that are unprecedented for a restaurant hotel, such as the baked dorade with pappardelle. Later we discover that there are plenty of real Zaanse liqueurs, such as the infamous Zaanse Slobber.

The hotel cannot be missed when you arrive. The faรงade with the accumulation of seventy Zaanse houses is iconic, whether you like it or not. The American CNN took up the building in the Top 12 of apartste hotels in the world. The design is by Wilfried van Winden.

Inside there are still many green Zaanse elements on the ground floor at the reception, bar and restaurant Puur Saen. The hotel rooms, on the other hand, are remarkably sleek; only a large photo wall reminds of the history of this particular region.

We stay in a spacious Founders Junior Suite with separate sitting room and sauna and whirlpool in the bathroom. All attributes for a successful sauna access are neatly present, including instructions and bathrobes and slippers. Under the huge rain shower it is good to cool down (but just a hot shower can of course also…).

Secretly we expect at breakfast again the welcoming Abboud, who was ubiquitous last night. However, his colleagues seem to be at least as hospitable. Also now a festive glass of bubbles is available. This fits nicely with the salmon served at the table, the cold meats and the sandwiches and the soft boiled egg on request. By the way, we have already been able to drink Nespresso in the hotel room, because those facilities are all there.

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Remarkably enough, in the sleek furnished rooms little to nothing can be found of the illustrious exterior. This is probably done on purpose, because not everyone can appreciate the Zaanse style. Large photo walls depict the history of the region.


Middle of Stadshart Zaandam with almost two hundred shops and the station. By train you will be right in the heart of Amsterdam.


Truly very special. From the receptionist to the staff in the restaurant, here they are really busy to make you feel comfortable.


Room rates from 59 euro per night (breakfast included).