Sleeping man at pool awakened by bear tapping against foot

This weekend Matthew Bete took an unsuspecting nap by the pool in his garden in American Greenfield. When he feels something tapping his foot, he wakes up and sees a bear running away.

Footage from the security camera shows how the bear first drinks some water from the pool and then turns to Bete. First the animal sniffs the mans foot and then taps against it. Bete wakes up, after which the bear wakes up.

Matthew sent a picture of the bear, which he had taken in a hurry, to his wife Dawn, who thought her husband was joking. When she looked back at the images, she saw that that wasnt the case after all. “He didnt know how to react, but he knew not to get up too quickly. In any case, there was still a table and a chair between him and the bear if that was necessary. Luckily it ended with a sizzle”

The state of Massachusetts reports on their website that bears are continuing to expand their habitat. They advise people to shout and make a lot of noise when they meet a bear in their yard.