Slightly lower penalty for assayer Amsterdam Centraal

The man who stabbed two American tourists at Amsterdam Central Station two years ago was sentenced to a prison sentence of 25 years on appeal. That‘s a little lower than the 26 years and eight months imprisonment imposed by Jawed S. by the court.

Afghan residing in Germany came to the Netherlands in the summer of 2018 because he was angry at Geert Wilders and his Mohammed cartoon competition. The Americans he stabbed were seriously injured. One of them probably can never walk again, writes NH News.

Like the court, the court believes it is a terrorist attack. The court speaks of a cowardly attack and says that it is due to the rapid action of the police that there were no more casualties. S. was hit by two police balls in 10 seconds.

3 million damages

The 21-year-old man during the appeal for the first time said that he regretted his actions. According to the court, he said that only to get a lower sentence.

The prosecutor’s office again demanded the highest possible sentence of nearly 27 years. According to the court, the lower penalty has to do with penalties imposed in similar cases and the young age of the attacker. He was also acquitted of threatening the two police officers. The amount of compensation, almost EUR 3 million, does not change.