Slightly more people member of a political party, question marks at membership FvD

The number of members of political parties sitting in the House of Representatives has grown slightly over the past year. According to the Dutch Political Parties Documentation Centre, it rose by 1.3 percent. At the beginning of this year, more than 321,000 people were members of a party, or 2.4% of the number of voters entitled to vote.

Of all parties, the Forum for Democracy is the largest: it had 45,322 members on 1 January, 3.7 percent more than a year earlier. But the Documentation Centre (of the University of Groningen) questions this. It points out that at the beginning of December last year Forum said that it had 45,000 members. After all sorts of internal conflicts, a referendum was held on the position of party leader Baudet.

‘Not unlikely that Forum members have been disabled’

The Centre calls it not unlikely that some of the 9000 members who voted against Baudet dropped out after the referendum. That would have to be made up for the New Year by an inflow at least equal. According to the Documentation Centre, Forum is not transparent about this: ‘The party has not provided any further explanations despite a number of requests. ‘ In a comment, Forum tells DeccEit that the given numbers are correct.

According to data from the Documentation Centre, the PvdA, with almost 41,000 members in size, is the second party, although the number of members fell slightly. Thirdly, the CDA has more than 37,000 members, a decline of 4.6 percent compared to a year earlier. Then there are successively GroenLinks, SP, SGP, D66, ChristenUnie and VVD.

The VVD, which is by far the largest party in the House of Representatives and also has a street lead in the Polingwijzer, is therefore only ninth in terms of the number of members despite an increase of 4.7 percent.

D66 largest riser

Of all parties, D66 is the largest increase: the number of members of that party increased by 8.7 percent. Other increases are GroenLinks (7.4 percent), Party voor de Dieren (4.5) and ChristenUnie (1.0). 50Plus has relatively the largest number of loafers: 26.6 percent.

Like every year, the PVV does not appear in the list: you cannot become a member of that party.