Slot does not take Feyenoord foursome to Denmark and provides text and explanation

Arne Slot deliberately leaves Ezequiel Bullaude, Quilindschy Hartman, Mimeirhel Benita and Mohamed Taabouni out of his selection to meet FC Midtjylland. The Feyenoord trainer wants the four players of the first team to make minutes at the Under 21 team.
Feyenoord will play Midtjylland in Denmark on Thursday evening. The stakes are high when it comes to the Europa League event, yet Slot chooses not to select all of its players. Bullaude, Hartman, Benita and Taabouni will take action with the promises on Saturday, against Willem II O21. Slot first provides text and explanation about Bullaudes situation.
โ€œAlways only three to three with the reserves is not good for Ezequiel
s development,โ€ says the coach by RTV Rijnmond. โ€œI want to see him for a full game so that we can also show him race footage afterwards to take the next steps.โ€
โ€œHartman had corona,โ€ Slot continues his explanation. โ€œSo unfortunately, that virus is back again. I want to see what that did to him, which is why hes on the Under-21 match squad on Saturday. Benita has two other right-backs in the pecking order for him.โ€

Hartman, Bullaude, Benita and Taabouni are not going to Denmark with Feyenoord because they will get under 21 playing time on Saturday.
โ€” Dennis van Eersel (@DennisVanEersel) October 5, 2022