Slot highlights Feyenoord standout: ‘Fond him play really good’

Arne Slot gives compliments to Feyenoord and Orkun Kökcü in particular. The trainer of the Rotterdammers enjoyed the midfielder‘s performance.
“I told one or two boys that I really liked Orkun Kökcü playing very well,” Slot says at ESPN. “He wasn’
t alone, but I found him to put an incredible amount of energy into the game. It was about him being a bit inaccurate, but I found him at the ball very clean today. He also put a lot of pressure and he put a lot of intensity in walking.”
“That was necessary as it was an intense match,” Slot continues. “But I thought it was very nice that after Sunday they have kept it up for 90 minutes after Sunday. I haven‘t been working with them for a long time, so it’s still: okay, how do we react to a 0-4 win in Eindhoven? We really had to put a lot of energy into it to make Heerenveen impossible to play football. That didn‘t work out every time, but both teams have made it a really nice match.”
Slot acknowledges that there is a ‘
good energy‘ in the team. “That’s the relationship with winning, of course. We can get a lot better at the ball, but I think it‘s fun for the supporters to see. Some people will think after the 2-1, why don’t they go back? But I liked the fact that they went ahead and were rewarded.”