Slot would have liked to talk about competitors PSV and Ajax: Thats okay, yes

According to Arne Slot, NEC‘s equaliser was the tipping point in the game, causing Feyenoord to tie in Nijmegen on Sunday. According to the practice master, the Rotterdammers were in control of the game before, but after that it was no longer the same.
For the 1-1 of them, I think we’
re playing an excellent game, Slot told CCEit after the game ended. The NEC equaliser was a real game changer, after that, no moment was the same. After that goal, we remained the best team if you look at the half where the game mainly took place. But we were no longer able to actually turn possession of the ball into opportunities.
For the Rotterdammers, the tie was extra sour, because they could have jumped over Ajax and PSV in the rankings. Feyenoord‘s competitors also spilled points this weekend. Of course, that’s a factor, yes, even though two other teams in the top did win. But we are still working on exactly where we are now that many players have left us. That‘s why we have to win our own matches and, above all, look at ourselves.
At the end of the game, Santiago Gimenez still made the liberating goal, but it was rejected. Slot found it not so heavy that that goal did not take place and saw this coming already. He had already whistled before the ball was in the net at all, so it’
s not that exciting anymore, of course. I actually want to stay out of this discussion.