Slovakia start lottery for people taking coronavaccine

Slovakia will start a lottery with prizes of up to 2 million euros next week for people vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Slovak government approved the weekly lottery plan on Friday. Slovaks who persuade fellow countrymen to get a coronaprik can get loose cash prizes.

Of the 5.5 million inhabitants, 28.7% have been vaccinated, leaving the country lagging behind the average of 32.9% across the European Union. Since a peak in May, the number of people with an appointment for the first shot has been increasing. Slovaks can participate in the lottery after both the first and second coronaprik to boost the vaccination rate.

Residents who convince compatriots to get vaccinated will have a chance of 30 euros to 90 euros when the convinced person is fully vaccinated. The older the person who is inaccuated, the higher the amount of money.

Slovakia wants to speed up the vaccination programme to counter a possible fall wave of the Delta variant of the virus.

In several countries, authorities hope to increase vaccination readiness with remarkable actions. Poland can win cars and cash prizes with lotteries. In the Russian city of Ufa, vaccinated people have a chance to get apartments. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ate a burger and fries at a press conference, announcing that people who get vaccinated receive a fast food chain Shake Shack meal.