Slovenian ‘twitter prime minister ‘argues with Mark Rutte

The Netherlands is ferocious with Slovenian Prime Minister Janes Janša. Janša retweeted a message in which a number of MEPs, including D66 er Sophie int Veld, are called the puppets of Soros. The aggressive twitter behaviour of the Slovenian Prime Minister, which focuses strikingly frequently on the Netherlands, has now been degenerate into a diplomatic riot.

Tasteless, Prime Minister Rutte judges about the tweet in which Vant Veld but also other Dutch politicians, including former European parliamentarian and former minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and the late VVDer Hans van Baalen, become puppets of Hungarian philanthropist George Soros mentioned.

Soros is seen by Janša and political allies such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as the big brain behind a progressive plot.


Im moving away from that as far as possible, says Rutte about the twitter behaviour of his Slovenian colleague. The cabinet has called the Slovenian ambassador in The Hague on the occasion of Janšas twitter tirade.

It doesnt stop the Slovenian Prime Minister from swinging another tweet into the world: Well Mark, dont waste your time with ambassadors and press freedom in Slovenia but rather, together with Sophie int Veld, make sure that your own journalists are not slaughtered on the streets. He refers to the murder of crime reporter Peter R. de Vries in July.

It is exceptional that there is an argument at this level between two EU Member States.

D66 er Sophie int Veld is with a club of colleagues in Slovenia to investigate the rule of law and freedom of the press. Concerns about the situation in the country, now a temporary EU president, have been concerned for a long time.

Undesirable interference

The delegation has discussions with representatives from legal speaks, journalism and government, among other things. The incumbent Prime Minister is not waiting for the visit and has opened the attack on the Dutch leader of delegation. The Slovenian Prime Minister sees unwanted interference from a left-wing club that would be out to blacken him. Who are you? How many times have you visited a German Chancellor, a Dutch Prime Minister or a French President? , he wrote on Twitter earlier Thursday. By the way, the last time a journalist was killed in the EU, it was in the Netherlands, Janša said, once again referring to the murder of Peter R. de Vries.

In the European Parliament, too, there is anger over the Slovenian twitter prime minister . This is an insult to hard-working Democrats and, in particular, our late chairman (Hans van Baalen ed.), comments VVD delegation leader Malik Azmani. He is demanding an apology from the Slovenian Prime Minister on behalf of the Liberals. There is no room for this kind of despicable remarks in European politics.

Parliament President David Sassoli has called on the Prime Minister to stop provocation towards MEPs. Attacks on members of this house are also attacks on European citizens, says the Italian.

He too has to pay it. Slovenia is not a colony, Janša bites him – again on Twitter. Please let your parliamentarians know that they should not abuse the European Parliament for political intrigue and pointless allegations to Slovenia.