Sludge Life is out on Nintendo Switch and on Steam on June 2

Almost a year ago, on May 28, the publishing house Devolver Digital made an unusual release: the Vandal simulator Sludge Life went to the Epic Games Store, and at a 100% discount for a whole year. The game can still be picked up for free. When the exclusive contract expires, Sludge Life will be released on Steam and on Nintendo Switch.

A new release is scheduled for June 2. At the same time, those wishing can already place a pre-order in the Nintendo store with a 15% discount: so the game will cost 956 rubles.

In Sludge Life we get to a littered island with insane inhabitants on a slime covered planet. And in this sandbox, we can do what we want: cover all available graffiti surfaces to become king of the island, declare war on the Gluck Corporation, or simply bully the slick.

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