Small one-day festivals from August 14 under strict conditions

Small one-day outdoor festivals, for up to 750 visitors without a fixed seat, will be possible under โ€œstrict conditionsโ€ from August 14. That‘s what the demissionary cabinet decided today. Larger events without overnight stay are not allowed yet.

The festivals must be outdoors or in a tent open on four sides. Visitors must be vaccinated or show negative test results no older than 24 hours. Visitors who can demonstrate that they had corona for the past six months are also welcome to enter.

This is what demissionary Prime Minister Rutte just announced:

Another decision will be made next week ahead of the press conference on 13 August on festivals with more than 750 visitors. It’s not sure if they can continue anyway. Festivals that don‘t go on can use the corona guarantee fund.

Among other events organizer ID&T will be late August 13. There would be too little time to prepare for festivals, such as Dance Valley, which are scheduled for that weekend.

The company therefore, together with more than forty other festival organizers, made a brief case against the cabinet. That’s been arrested for the time being.

The Cabinet asked for advice from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) experts. At the moment it is only responsible for making a decision on small events.

One-day festivals with fixed seats for visitors can already be held. At the beginning of last week, the demissionary cabinet stripped through multi-day overnight festivals. They are not allowed to continue until September 1st.