Small party leaders’ constructive ‘towards minority cabinet

Many small parties will meet a minority cabinet constructively. That is the common thread in the talks informer Remkes had today with group chairmen of smaller parties who supported the motion last week, which he was appointed. Remkes is intended to focus on a minority coalition from VVD, D66 and CDA.

Group chairman Dassen van Volt said he will judge a minority cabinet for his actions and that he will conduct opposition constructively. He has a preference for a cabinet that also participates D66. Dassen wants ambitious climate proposals in particular. There is also a need to invest in education and social inequity. He sees little in closing a deeged chord.

โ€œPace in Formationโ€

SGP leader Van der Staaijs main message for Remkes was to speed up: โ€œThe inconvenience that there is no cabinet yet is increasing every day.โ€ According to Van der Staaij, that also means that he doesnt have to โ€œshoot everything that is not the ideal pictureโ€. He wants to give a minority cabinet a chance, although it also depends on the program. Van der Staaij sees nothing in a variant of VVD and D66 alone. The SGP does not think it would be wise to designate true โ€œeyeing partnersโ€.

JA21 foreman Eerdmans said business could be done with him. He prefers to see a so-called โ€œextraparlementary cabinetโ€, without a coalition agreement: โ€œWe are not going to be a keeped partner of a VVD, D66 and CDA minority cabinetโ€. He will โ€œjudge the proposals of a new cabinet on their meritsโ€. At least Eerdmans wants a โ€œfirm immigration policyโ€.

No weird climate measures

chairman Van Haga of the eponymous group prefers to see a minority cabinet of VVD and CDA, and he wants to do this: โ€œThere are 81 right-wing seats in the Chamber; it is of course absurd that we form a left cabinet.โ€ Van Haga will also be constructive, but he opposes โ€œweird climate measuresโ€.

MP Den Haan of the Den Haan group can also find himself in a minority cabinet, because โ€œwith a majority cabinet there is often a well-timed coalition agreement.โ€ According to her, the opposition is more influential in a minority cabinet. Den Haan has a preference for a cabinet that also includes D66. She may be willing to kill such a cabinet.

Rutte: relationship with Kaag is good

In addition to those group chairmen, the informer also had a brief conversation with VVD leader Rutte. He didnt want to lose much afterwards. When asked, he did say that his relationship with D66 leader Kaag is good. Last week, Kaag expressed sharp criticism of Rutte in her School lecture.

The VVD leader said this morning that he is working closely with Kaag, including in the Afghanistan area. They will be visiting British Prime Minister Johnson together on Friday.