Smart, charming and unusual as Portal 2 โ€” First Scores It Takes Two

Youssef Fares with every new game continues to grow over himself. If A Way Out critics met unenthusiastically, averaging a score of 78, then It Takes Two struck many โ€” the average score is an impressive 89-90. Journalists praise the game for its excellent visual performance, which in places can be confused with the best works PixAR, smart and creative gameplay episodes in the spirit of Portal 2 and truly cooperative game with unique situations for each player.

โ€œIt Takes Two is a Pixar worthy adventure with constant innovation and gorgeous co-op scenes that aren‘t anywhere else. โ€ โ€” GamesRadar ( 10/10) .

In the reviews note some unprecedented diversity – the developers represent unique mechanics and are not afraid to โ€œthrow outโ€ them at the next level, which will to be as different as possible from what was before that. Also, a number of publications note the similarity of the project with the creations of Nintendo – in terms of the design of levels, the number of mechanics and the โ€œfriendliness of the cooperativeโ€, which โ€œstrengthens relationships.

โ€ At the same time, gameplay and history are closely interconnected. At first glance it may seem that It Takes Two on the background of A Way Out cost less, but this deceptive impression – the studios clearly entrusted much more money, and they went to the business.

The novelty turned out to be quite long with an unprecedented level of diversity. Phares did not lie.

The main criticism concerns the story – the script turned out to be quite banal, so do not expect revelations, but the plot works perfectly on the central theme and not bad complements the gameplay. A review of It Takes Two.

The game for two you’re sure to pass It Takes Two is released on March 26 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. More on Gambling Authors Dishonored and Prey: Xbox Game Pass will help us continue to make โ€œtheir gamesโ€ From the paid add-on Children of Morta made a free mode Authors & laquo; Lord of the Ringsโ€ Amazon showed the first photo from the shoot.