Smoothness and dense fog: 2 cars shoot off highway

UPDATE – Its early Friday morning in several places still very foggy. Also, it can be locally smooth. The fog probably dissolves in the course of the morning, as the KNMI reports.

Earlier in the night it was very foggy in the West of the Netherlands, causing a number of accidents. In Voorschoten (near Leiden) and Rotterdam, respectively, only 15 and 19 meters of visibility.

Friday morning the smoothness can be seen. Two cars fired, presumably due to the smoothness, from the road on the Rijksweg A50 near Hattem. The vehicles were thrown meters into the roadside.


In the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Gelderland and Overijssel there is still dense fog on the early morning, as Weeronline reports. In a strip of southwest Brabant via the Rivierengebied to Overijssel there is dense fog with regional visibility less than 100 meters.

The KNMI measuring point with the worst visibility value is currently Twente Airport with 80 metres of visibility.



several places in the Randstad have been collisions in the dense fog during the night from Thursday to Friday. On the A4 Den Haag towards Amsterdam there were several, details of which are not yet known.

On the N57 near Vierpolders there was a major collision with a truck and five cars. At least two people were slightly injured.

Because of the fog, the visibility is very poor. The Haaglanden police recommend avoiding the highway.