Sneaky hope for Feyenoord route near Twente: “I think everyone can dream”

Michel Vlap believes that he has had a great football night at FC Twente. The Tukkers are through to the final heat of the Conference League, against Fiorentina. Vlap knows that meeting is tough, but he certainly doesnt think Twente has no chance.
It was a great football night, Vlap starts at ESPN about the game with FK Cukaricki. Twente won 4-1 and the midfielder made the important 2-1. Also credits to the audience: we didn
t start well, they helped us get over the dead center.
Vlap sees that things are going well at Twente. You notice that we are quite responsive to each other, he says. The former youth international is therefore not afraid of Fioreninta. If we fight, I think we can make it difficult for any team.
Vlap secretly dreams of a great campaign in the Conference League, like Feyenoords last season. I think everyone can dream, he replies. Of course, there is a very tough game waiting for us, against Fiorentina. Its a very nice one, I think its just alive again here in Enschede. Together with the public, we took care of that.