Sneijder about Tadic: ‘Then you can redeem him a bit too, right? ‘

Wesley Sneijder looks up from the credit that Dusan Tadic has. The Ajax captain played another bad match against FC Utrecht and thats why the call for a switch is getting louder. Sneijder would switch Tadic.
Tadic traded in ball loss and wrong choices, that
s not the first time. Whether it needs to be changed? โ€œIf he doesnt perform, but youll be told hes a leader and has always done well,โ€ says Andy van der Meyde at Vandaag Inside. โ€œIt has to get better. Yeah, it sucked too. He wasnt himself. Last year it was important, so do you have to change it so quickly?โ€
โ€œIt has nothing to do with credit, does it?โ€ , Sneijder wonders. โ€œThere are guys around it with a lot of credit too. They are changed, but it can only stand. Hes not comfortable in his skin, so you can redeem it a bit, right? At one point, its been fun. If I used to play a bad game, I would just quit. No, not right away, but it didnt last that long either.โ€