Sneijder and Kuyt are outspoken about moments at Dortmund – Ajax

Wesley Sneijder and Dirk Kuyt have shone their light on the controversial moments in the first half of Borussia Dortmund – Ajax. Mats Hummels got a direct red card and Jude Bellingham then a penalty.
Sneijder believes that Noussair Mazraoui, the creator of the offense on Bellingham, has been punished too badly. I don‘t think it’s a penalty, it‘s slightly tapped. He wanted to move on and thought: oh I’m tapped. The referee just saw it well, but the VAR called him back. You can never come back to this, can you? This isn‘t a penalty, right?
Kuyt disagrees. Mazraoui shouldn’
t put himself into that situation, it‘s a little stupid. I think it’s a penalty, because it‘s just slightly tapped.
Sneijder is also pronounced about the Hummels red card. The German went too hard on Antony. It seems like a lot. Antony jumps like he broke both legs. I get that, provoking a little bit. Hummels didn’
t hit him at all, totally beside the player. When both legs are in the air, I get it and it‘s red, but his left leg was already on the floor and his right leg went totally next to it. For me, this isn’t red.
Kuyt doesn‘t agree either. I never learned about a tackle: if you’re off the ground with both legs, you‘re an unguided projectile and the rule is that it’s a direct red card.