Sneijder doesnt talk to FC Den Bosch for the time being: Are we not served in it

Wesley Sneijder is not happy with the news from Den Bosch on Tuesday afternoon. The Brabants Dagblad reported that the American Pacific Media Group has made a proposal to take over FC Den Bosch: Sneijder also had been working on takeover plans for a long time, together with partner Ebert Dollevoet.

However, these talks have now been stopped, Commissioner Peter Poirters confirms on behalf of FC Den Bosch. โ€œThat seemed to us all the best. Too many people have now stepped on their toes and irritated, both in the group around Sneijder and at our clubโ€, he says to the Algemeen Dagblad.
Sneijder is indeed not amused. โ€œWe are not served that our proposal has been leaked. I do not want to say more about itโ€, he says in a brief comment. The record international refers to the symbolic amount of one euro – once the club is debt-free – with which it would like to endorse the takeover. โ€œOf course, that is not possible at all,โ€ says Poirters. โ€œI had asked them for a further explanation of their plans, because as they were in place they were not feasible.โ€
In De Vliert, however, they are not happy that this news has come out. โ€œWe will all sit together with all shareholders on Monday to look each other in the eye. Because, of course, it is impossible for anyone to bring this information out,โ€ concludes Poirters.
According to the reports, a total of four parties are interested in a takeover of FC Den Bosch. When it takes shape, it remains to be seen. In the background there is also a lawsuit brought by the previous owner Kakhi Jordania: the Georgian did not get the green light from the KNVB to take over FC Den Bosch and demands back the millions he has invested in the club.