Sneijder is out: No comeback as a professional soccer player

Wesley Sneijder will definitely not return as a pro on the soccer fields. The Utrechter has made the decision for himself, his management confirmed.

Beginning last month the 36-year old international was made to think by the fans of FC Utrecht. They begged their fellow townsman to put his soccer shoes back on. This happened after Arjen Robben announced that he had returned to FC Groningen.

Sneijder, who got a jubilee shirt with his name on it out of the hands of the fans, went short on the shoulders and told the fans that he was ‘absolutely thinking’ about a return: “I’ve already spoken to Jordy (Zuidam, the technical director of Utrecht, ed.).”

FC Utrecht saw a return of Sneijder, who played his last league game in Qatar at the end of 2018. “A top fit and driven Sneijder is of course always interesting for FC Utrecht”, said Zuidam at the time.

Views divided

In the CCeit Football Podcast of July 6, opinions were divided on the feasibility of a return of Sneijder. Commentator Jeroen Grueter had a hard head in it, but Jan Roelfs had a different opinion. “In my opinion, it is possible that Sneijder will be a full-fledged premier league player in six months.”

Sneijder will be on the training field of the Utrecht club DHSC, the club he supports financially and where he is in the technical staff, but not on the field of the main force. He will continue to train in order to be able to perform well at his farewell match on June 9th next year. Then he will celebrate his 37th birthday.