Sneijder posts concerns after Champions League win Ajax

Sรฉbastien Haller made the difference for Ajax, says Wesley Sneijder and Theo Janssen. Sneijder is happy with the fifth Champions League win in a row for Ajax, but also posts his concerns.
After rest, Ajax tilted the match against Besiktas. Trainer Erik ten Hag chose a number of spare players. โ€œIt felt familiar again. Berghuis knows that the ball can be held on the left. Those were the familiar things, but Haller made the difference,โ€ says Sneijder at RTL7. โ€œHe was in the right place twice, a phenomenon. Hes really no longer thinking about last year. He stays calm and doesnt do crazy things. You will be settled on goals. If he doesnt score later, youre going to look at other things again.โ€
โ€œLast year, we doubted Haller, but hes showing something different now,โ€ says Janssen. โ€œIf he didnt score, more attention will be paid to what else he does. He makes nine goals, so should we whine about that?โ€
Sneijder says he is concerned about Davy Klaassen, who scored an inadequate in Turkey. โ€œIm a little worried about Klaassen. He was important to Ajax and Orange, but has been out of shape for weeks now. If you say he didnt participate, you believe it too. Maybe he can deal with the situation more difficult and it got into his head. I feel like he has become a little insecure.โ€
As far as Sneijder is concerned, Ajaxs bank is not wide enough. Various spare players were not at their level against Besiktas. โ€œPlayers need to get in shape because you cant do it with eleven men. Players who sit on the couch should also get in shape. Daramy was invisible, Klaassen was invisible and Neres was invisible. Schuurs also had trouble. Four players who will soon have to fill in and are not ready. That worries me. Ajaxs first eleven can come far, but the bank is too small.โ€