Sneijder sees problem for Luuk de Jong and points to PSV midfield

Wesley Sneijder and Jan Boskamp see that PSV is ‘very difficult’ against Rangers FC. The people of Eindhoven have trouble with the up-and-coming Scottish backs, while Luuk de Jong can‘t really get into the game either.
After 45 minutes, it will be 1-1 at Rangers-PSV. The people of Eindhoven got ahead, but had a tough time just afterwards. โ€œPSV was very difficult,โ€ says Sneijder during halftime at RTL 7. โ€œThey are impatient in possession of the ball and they all move towards the ball, allowing Rangers to defend in very confined spaces.โ€
โ€œThey do this with a lot of force, they are much brighter and always conquer the ball in the midfield,โ€ Sneijder continues. โ€œThat’
s because everyone at PSV moves towards the ball, instead of walking away and skipping a line. PSV also has trouble with the backs.โ€
Next, Jan Boskamp shares his opinion. โ€œThey‘re also having a really hard time with Ryan Kent. What Wesley says: at one point you have the ball, but for the first 25 minutes it was really mediocre, from both teams. Normally, you have a point of play, which can hold the ball so that other players can get to it.โ€ Sneijder adds: โ€œYou know what it is Jan, they don’t come to Luuk (de Jong, ed.). He has to get all the way to the midfield, because there is a gap there. The three PSV midfielders are walking backwards.โ€