Sneijder tackles Schreuder

Wesley Sneijder takes on Alfred Schreuder after Ajax‘s 1-6 against SSC Napoli. The analyst wonders why Schreuder hasn’t changed before and wonders why โ€œthe same guys over and over againโ€ have to get rid of it.
Napoli cut Ajax and gave the Amsterdammers a historic Champions League defeat. โ€œI saw what we analyzed beforehand. What they should and shouldn‘t do, they did,โ€ says Sneijder at RTL7.
โ€œAjax has empowered Napoli. The speed and qualities of Napoli have not been taken into account, so you are amateurish. We weren’
t in our place after the break and it was already 1-4, then something just isn‘t right. Why not change or intervene earlier at halftime? Why do the same guys get pulled over and over again? I actually wanted to see a frustrated Berghuis, who just says: I’m done being switched.โ€
Sneijder means that players like Dusan Tadic and Daley Blind van Schreuder can stay standing at all times. โ€œYes, that‘s what I say. Absolutely. It’s really a shame that some boys are still allowed to be on the field at the moment.โ€
โ€œI can follow Schreuder a bit, but not completely,โ€ says Jan Boskamp about Schreuder‘s match analysis. โ€œWhen you’re outplayed, you have to build in safety until you control it. That did not happen. Ajax did not win a game anymore.โ€
โ€œAt Ajax, you see that the backs think offensively. They gamble and walk ahead,โ€ adds Theo Janssen. โ€œNapoli is making fantastic use of that. That was the case all the time. Ajax has a lot of problems in the changeover, with the residual defense almost always wrong. Ajax is very vulnerable. The worst thing Schreuder said was: we‘re not that good as a team.โ€
Sneijder adds: โ€œThat shows why he doesn’
t switch. He just doesn‘t think his bank is good enough and doesn’t trust it. I have already said that Ajax does not have a wide selection, but several players have been added who are suddenly not good enough now. Then you have to wonder why those players are here in the first place. If you‘re 1-3 behind and then fall 1-4, don’t you have to do something? He himself states that there was no guts and no football. Then you have to look at the bank and ask yourself: who am I bringing in? It could also have been double digits.โ€