Sniper Ghost Warrior authors: Contracts 2 accused of racism and Islamophobia

TheGamer published material on the press event of the future Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2. The author stated that during the event, Sniper Ghost Warrior‘s authors made him pretend he was killing Arabs, and he did not have to do so in the shower. According to the journalist, the introduction to the game took place in training complex for police and military personnel in San Diego.

Civilians can also receive โ€œextreme military counter-terrorism trainingโ€. He didn’t know what to expect because the press event was being described rather misty.

On a location that looked like โ€œpropaganda filmsโ€ like โ€œSniperโ€ and & laquo; Survivor,โ€ journalists were greeted by staff without masks and a Trump 2024 flag: The Revenge Tour. The streets are covered in mud; broken, abandoned cars under a layer of dust, and faceless huts look like this, if sculpted out of clay.

This is the Middle East, as it is often shown in Western media: a crude, twisted doppelganger that really has nothing to do with life in this part of the world. In one window hangs a series of shapeless yellow circles demonstrating that art does not exist in this society.

On a nearby table next to the rotting pig‘s head lies a pile of puffy meat because apparently here people eat scum. TheGamerjournalists armed with M4 replicas and sent to shoot at ‘bad guys โ€œ, to actors who were mostly white but looked like Arabs thanks to their white robes and arafatks.

And at this time, Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 was available in the main building, which by this time. CI Games studio responded to the publication with a statement that it did not support racism in no form.

Moreover, being a Warsaw studio, it has nothing to do with any political power. As for the press event, because of the pandemic, none of the studio representatives could come to accept direct participation in preparation.

Because of this, something could have gone wrong as intended. However, CI Games takes full responsibility and apologises to TheGamer and other participants in the event.

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