SNK tries to enter The King of Fighters XV network rollback code

Studio SNK confirmed that it is going to use a network rollback code in the upcoming fighting game The King of Fighters XV. This feature is one of the ones most often mentioned in their queries by players, since previous parts of the series worked with latency based network code. The latency based code tries synchronize players entry times, forcing delay faster entry.

The game can not start simulation until answers are received from all participants, and at such moments it is simply retarded. Unlike this method, the network rollback code tries to predict the data entry and thanks to this begins the procedure immediately.

If the real data coincides with the forecasts, the game continues, if not – developers have to pick up a way to disguise its โ€œleapโ€ into its original state. While it is not known, when the release of The King of Fighters XV takes place.

The creators of the game have not even reported the official list of supported platforms. So far, they present us with future characters, and the next announcement is scheduled for March.

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