Snoop Dogg on grace Michael Harris: ‘Trump has done great work’

Rapper Snoop Dogg is very happy that Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris, co-founder of the record label Death Row Records, has been pardoned. He got it from former President Donald Trump before leaving the White House that Wednesday.

โ€œ I love what they‘ve done,โ€ says Snoop Dogg to The New York Post, who is close to Harris. The 59-year-old record boss served years in prison for attempted murder and cocaine trade, but now he can enjoy his freedom. Initially, he would not be released until 2028. Snoop Dogg calls the decision to pardon Harris ‘great work of Trump and his team‘.

With Michael Harris, dozens of prisoners were pardoned by Trump. That’s not unique. It is more common that outgoing US presidents pardon prisoners before the end of their term of office.