Snowboarder De Blois stunt with first Dutch World Cup victory at the cross

Glenn de Blois has caused a big surprise by being the first Dutch snowboarder to win a cross at World Cup level. The 25-year-old Westlander was the fastest in the final of the WB-Cross at Chiesa in Valmalenco, Italy.

With his victory, De Blois has already met half the requirement to make it to the Beijing Winter Olympics. If he stays in the top 32 of the world ranking, he gets to go to the Winter Games.

De Blois had a fifth place, achieved in March 2018 in Moscow, to date as the best result. โ€œI had a perfect start in the last heat and then I drove out flawlesslyโ€, De Blois told about his historic victory.

It was the first final of a World Cup match for De Blois, which he reached by surviving, among other things, a quarter-finals against recognized top players. โ€œEverything was right. Today was just my day.โ€

De Blois will join the Swiss team for the second season. โ€œIt‘s very important to have a good team around you, because you can’t make it alone. I am very grateful to be able to train with them.โ€

In snowboardcross, four to six contestants compete for victory in a direct duel. Tournaments consist of two phases. In the qualifying rounds, it‘s all about your time. After that, the task is simple: first reach the finish line. It has been an Olympic part since 2006.

โ€œ Qualification is not my strongest pointโ€, recognizes De Blois. โ€œThat’s not the sport, I think. For me, it only starts when you have qualified.โ€