So far 79 rioters convicted of evening bell riots

So far, 79 rioters and blowers have been convicted for their part in last month‘s evening ringing.

That reports Eentoday on the basis of a tour of all the courts. The suspects were sometimes sentenced to months of prison sentences. In three cases, acquittal was followed. A number of cases have been detained for more investigation.

Most of the suspects (22) were arrested in Amsterdam. Of them, 16 have been convicted. Second place is the Zeeland-West Brabant region: 18 arrests, 18 convictions. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, there will be more convictions.

A number of nights in a row riots broke out after the first curfew took place on Saturday 23 January. In several places, this led to destruction, looting and confrontations with the police. In Urk, the first night already burned down a corona-virus street. On the following Monday, Den Bosch got out of hand. There, rioters robbed a Jumbo and a Primera.