‘So Near and Before Nuclear War’: Trailer for Season 2 of ‘For All Humank’

Apple unveiled the trailer for the second season of the fantasy series โ€œFor All Humanityโ€, the action of which is set in an alternative reality. The plot tie tells how, after the Soviet victory in the space race, many NASA programs in the United States began to wind down. However, the latter decide not to stop still, challenging the established champions of space.

In the sequel, the audience will be told about how a team of astronauts are sent on a new mission, and the political situation in the world is only heating up. The second season will premiere on Apple TV+ on February 19.

By the way, the author of the project is Ronald D. Moore, responsible for the scripts for โ€œStar Trekโ€ and the creation of the series โ€œStar Cruiser โ€œGalaxyโ€.

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