So you might be able to go abroad next summer

What happened?

Summer holidays are getting closer and closer and so politics are careful to see if and how people can travel this summer, despite Corona.

At the moment all countries on the world map are still coloured orange, so ‘not to go if you don’t really have to. ‘ From 15 May, the cabinet will look to see if this can be a little less stringent for some countries. Also, the cabinet is working on some sort of extra check.

And the Netherlands is not the only one in that. The European Union is also working on a kind of coronareis pass. What exactly is that and what does that mean for your holiday this summer?

Why is this news?

This May holiday, catching a plane to a warmer place, wasn’t there anyway. But a lot of people are already looking forward to the summer holidays. Perhaps there is more possible in terms of corona and travelling abroad.

What‘s the plan for the coronareis pass?

At the moment, many countries themselves are making a kind of digital additional coronac certificate. With this you can show on your phone that you have either had a vaccine or tested negative before your trip or had corona just before your trip, but are now completely better. That should make it easier and safer to travel. Among other things, the US, Denmark and Spain are working on such an app. The Netherlands is also working on its own version: the CoronaCheck app.

And then work is being done in the European Union on an ‘EU Covid-19 Certificate‘. It actually has exactly the same function. If you were tested negatively, have just had the virus or have already received a vaccine just before your trip, it is written on your certificate and you are allowed to travel freely through all EU countries. Countries that, despite this certificate, still ask you to do an extra test or to go into quarantine, get turned upside down from Brussels.

You get the ‘EU Covid-19 Certificate‘ in the form of a barcode. It will then appear in the corona-app of your own country (i.e. the Coronacheck app in the Netherlands) or you can print it and take it on paper. It is then scanned at customs, for example at the airport. If you’re green, you can go in.

Who finds what?

Sounds simple, but there‘s a lot of discussion about the coronareis pass. Like, what exactly does that barcode show? There are quite some privacy questions about that. But right now, the person who can scan your barcode will see your name, date of birth and information about your vaccine, test or when you have had corona.

And travel agencies are afraid it’s not going to work so easily. According to them, it is more realistic that every country, just like last summer, should make its own coronare rules for tourists. Although that is precisely what the EU wants to prevent with this plan.

There are further questions about control. If someone is travelling by plane, you can still check the certificate or app at the airport. But whether someone who goes by car at the border will be stopped is still the question.

Last but not least: there is of course also a group of people who, to put it mildly, are not a fan of testing, let alone vaccination. The EU says that the option to travel with a negative test is an escape if you do not want a vaccine, but it still means that you cannot travel freely.

How‘s it going now?

A large majority of the European Parliament is in favour of such a certificate. That makes it a lot more likely that this summer you will at least be able to go on holiday anywhere within the European Union with such a certificate.

Probably that coronac certificate will be completed at the end of May, it will be tested in June and you will be able to use it anywhere from July onwards. Although, until then, politicians in the EU have the right to change anything about it. So we won’t know exactly how you can get on a plane to the Spanish coast later.