Software developer John McAfee (75) dead in Spanish cell

British American software developer John McAfee was found dead in his cell in Barcelona at the age of 75. Catalan justice confirms its death, reports Reuters news agency. The businessman was stuck since he was arrested in Barcelona last October due to tax fraud in the United States.

A few hours before McAfee was found dead, the Spanish court approved the extradition to the US. There was a 30-year-old prison sentence over him. Catalan justice says it‘s probably about suicide. McAfee’s attorney tells Reuters that his client hung himself.

Last March, McAfee was also sued for suspicions of money laundering and crypto currency fraud; he commended several digital currencies on Twitter, which he then quickly got rid of hand as the price rose. According to the US authorities, he eventually made $13 million.


McAfee gained notoriety for the same name antivirus software company, which he founded in 1987. He bought out in 1994; he made millions with the company. Since then, he has been in disagreement more often.

In 2012, he was sought internationally because he was suspected of murdering his American neighbor in Belize. He was on the run for three weeks and was eventually arrested in Guatemala. Not because of the murder, but because he would have entered the country illegally. The murder case never came to court.

A few years later, he was also arrested for driving under influence and possession of a firearm. Two years ago, he was arrested in the Dominican Republic. On the yacht that traveled, weapons and ammunition would have been found.

The last tweet from McAfee‘s account was a retweet of a message from his wife, Janice McAfee. She writes that the past few months in Spanish prison has been difficult for him. โ€œMentally, physically and financially. But he’s not scared to keep telling the truth.โ€