Software developer John McAfee indicted for cryptofraud

British-American software developer John McAfee has been charged by the Manhattan Public Prosecutors Office for money laundering and cryptocurrency fraud. According to the authorities in New York, McAfee earned 13 million dollars on the back of investors who remained stuck with the cryptocurrencies.

The businessman praised various digital currencies on Twitter, which he quickly got rid of as soon as the price started to rise. The prosecutor says that McAfee used user enthusiasm for the new investment opportunity with lies and deception.

75-year-old McAfee, known for the eponymous antivirus program, is already stuck in Spain, due to an earlier suspicion of tax evasion. He may be extradited. A 40-year-old accomplice was arrested Thursday night in Texas.


McAfee has often been compromised: in 2012 he was wanted internationally because he was suspected of murdering a neighbor, a case that never went to court. Also followed charges for DUI and illegal gun possession.

Recently, the U.S. government accused him of tax fraud. He would have had possessions, money and boats put in the name of others so that he was not hit for it himself. McAfee denies guilt.