Soil reached? First mortgage rates rise

Whether the mortgage rates will fall below the March low records is very uncertain. Last week, reductions were very limited, and some lenders also raised interest rates. โ€œWe wouldnt be surprised if we reached the bottom.โ€

That concludes mortgage consultancy chain the Van Bruggen Adviesgroep.


In the coming weeks, even fewer mortgage providers will lower interest rates, the advisors expect. By the end of the year, interest rates are often less likely to change, but the bottom may also have been reached. Since the summer, interest rates have been lowered with very small steps, one or two hundredths of a percent.

There is also uncertainty. Although the number of people with payment problems on the mortgage is still down, that can change if temporary payment breaks expire soon.

Mortgage rates are still very low. For 10 years fixed with NHG, an average of 1.19% interest is paid. Thirty years fixed without NHG costs an average of 2.40%.