Solar Ash, Outer Wilds, Stray and other announcements from Annapurna presentation

Annapurna held a presentation of its projects, introducing fresh trailers of famous projects, announcing many releases and even making several announcements. The developers of the cat adventure in the futuristic world Stray โ€œdecided not to compromise,โ€ so the exit was postponed until early 2022 โ€” then it will premiere on PS5, PS4 and PC. The show showed the game‘s first gameplay.

As early as September 28, the first and only addition, Echoes of the Eye, will be released for Outer Wilds. The three-dimensional action platfomer Solar Ash by the creators of Hyper Light Drifter will be released on October 26 on PS5, PS4 and PC.

The creators of unusual shooter Skin Deep from Blendo Games revealed the project’s gameplay for PC. Publisher of New Partner – The Company will release games of the following developers: Jessica Mack (Sound Shapes and Everyday Shooter) โ€” Action-Adventure music No Code Entertainment (Observation) โ€” ambitious horror Outerloop (Falcon Age) โ€” โ€œunique themes with famous gameplayโ€ Ivy Road โ€” she founded by The Stanley Parable creator Davy Riden and Gone Home and Tacoma co-creator Carla Zimonya.

The Artful Escape will be released on September 9 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. It‘s an adventure about a musician who goes on a journey through his own imagination.

Players will, among other things, have the opportunity to choose a suitable prehistory. The makers of Donut County hosted a gameplay presentation of Neon White, a first-person action game with elements of a card game that will destroy demons with various cards.

The project will be released in winter on Nintendo Switch and PC. An interactive poem about the love between mother and daughter A Memoir Blue has been announced and will be released as early as October 12 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

The game will immediately appear in Game Pass. Storyteller’s โ€œjet puzzleโ€ has been announced โ€” PC has already released a demo, whereas the full version will appear on February 1 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Players to choose from will be given multiple heroes, environments, and emotions to create stories of love, betrayal, and revenge. Developers promise the opportunity to create very different stories โ€” from Shakespearean tragedy to supernatural fantasy.

Other announcements The Pathless will be released on November 16 on Steam I Am Dead will be released on August 9 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One What Remains of Edith Finch will be released on August 16 on iOS Telling Lies and Gorogoa will soon release on Xbox Game Pass More on Achilles Gaming: Legends Untold will be almost like Dark Souls, but ‘accessible’ Eastward Authors introduced 25 minutes of gameplay To simulator The Tenants release major Tenancy update.