Solid Orange Start for Bijlow: ‘See a lot, was deployed by Manuel Neuer’

Ed de Goeij thinks Justin Bijlow can potentially become the regular goalkeeper of the Dutch team. The only thing the former goalkeeper doubts about is the physical condition of the Feyenoord goalkeeper, who is regularly injured.
โ€œBijlow is not crazy and just does his thing,โ€ De Goeij starts talking to De Cceit. โ€œThat‘s reflected in that one-to-one with Erling Haaland. That’s where he stayed very quiet. He kept a good look and made himself wide. That‘s the style you see a lot nowadays, deployed by Manuel Neuer. In the past, a goalkeeper would lie faster in such a situation with the risk of getting a la Bergkamp pen over you.โ€
Whether Bijlow is the number one under the Oranje-lat at the moment, De Goeij doesn’
t dare to say yet. โ€œBut he could be. In principle, Bijlow has everything to be Orange‘s number one for longer periods of time. The only question mark is his physical condition. He’s been dealing with quite a few injuries in recent years. This is partly bad luck, but it also has to do with his goalkeeper style. He takes a lot of risk occasionally, including when hatch. In some situations he is a little too eagerโ€, De Goeij concludes.