Solving an unsolved problem: DNS told about the start of sales of RTX 3080 Ti

Yesterday, sales of RTX 3080 Ti started around the world, but traditionally everything passed with problems – in Russia the main site was the DNS store, the site of which began to slow down shortly before started sales. Today the head of DNS Dmitry Alekseev commented on the launch, noting that the store had to โ€œsolve an unsolved problemโ€ โ€” 500 video cards had about 10 thousand buyers. โ€œIt is impossible to distribute them so that everyone is satisfied.

An economic solution in the form of an auction to get the cards to those who need it more is impossible for a number of reasonsโ€ . Get the graphics cards lucky lucky or bot owners.

โ€œBut there were also those who used bots ineptly, leading to crashes on the site, down to complete inoperability. And of course I am ready to accept just reproaches, because we ourselves have revealed the jambs on the page of the text.

โ€ . Those who want to try their luck next week – 10 days will start sales of RTX 3070 Ti, which in Russia will sell from 58 thousand rubles.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for video cards has increased around the world – in parallel, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have grown to record values (recently they all fell in large scale), because of what cards started actively buying up miners. As Alexeev notes, it is unlikely by the end of the year the situation with video cards will significantly improve.

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