Somali Dutchman died at the hotel Mogadishu

Yesterdays attack on a hotel in the Somali capital of Mogadishu also claimed the life of a Dutchman. Its about a 35-year-old man from Assen of Somali descent, said a second cousin of his in the VPRO radio program Bureau Abroad. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms the message.

The attack started yesterday with an explosion of a car bomb in front of the hotel. In the panic that arose, four members of the terrorist organisation al-Shabaab walked in and opened fire in various places. They shot five people and wounded at least ten before they were killed in an hour of gunfight with the police.

Among the victims were a former Minister of Defence, the Assenaar Fahad Abdirahman and his Saudi wife. According to Abdirahmans second cousin Nawal Mustafa, they were shot to death in their hotel room. They stayed there after their wedding, a week earlier in Somalia.

Call for help

After he was shot, the Assenaar contacted relatives in Somalia by phone to seek help. โ€œBut because the emergency services were unable to enter, he died from the consequences of his injuries,โ€ said his second cousin.

Al-Shabaab attacks more frequently on hotels in Mogadishu. Abdirahman was aware of this when he traveled to Somalia for his marriage, but he was not deterred, according to Nawal Mustafa. โ€œMost Somalians just keep going.โ€