Somalia executes 21 members of terror group Al-Shabaab

In Somalia, 21 members of terror group Al-Shabaab were publicly executed. That‘s what news agency DPA writes. The execution of the fundamentalists took place in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in the northeast of the East African country.

A military court in the region sentenced men to the death penalty for their responsibility for the deaths of government officials and journalists, among others. They were found guilty of committing bombings over the past thirteen years. According to the news agency, so many people were executed at once in Somalia.

Unstable Somalia is in the grip of fighting camps and repeated violent confrontations. Al-Shabaab uses instability to increase one’s own influence.

On the day of executions, 27 people were killed in an attack by the terrorist group on local security forces in the middle of the country. According to police, there were fifteen members of Al-Shabaab among the victims.