‘Sometimes I don’t dare to look at my phone afterwards: what’s got into these people? ‘

The fight against online racism and hate sowing is currently more topical than ever in England. Brazilian Arsenal midfielder Willian takes the lead and believes that a border has been reached.
Liverpool took a stand earlier in the day after, allegedly, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Naby Keรฏta were racist after the Champions League defeat against Real Madrid. Recently Tottenham Hotspur joined ex-Ajacied Davinson Sรกnchez. Willian has also had to deal with online racism. โ€œDont I dare look on my phone after a game? Yes, sometimes it is,โ€ he says at a press conference. โ€œWere just people, arent we? I would like to know what inspires those people, why they take it in their heads to do so against us.โ€
The family of the 32-year-old Brazilian also had to deal with it. โ€œWith lyrics I can
t even repeat here. That really hurts. This is a serious problem. The authorities are not taking action, but we must try to put an end to this ourselves. Enough is enough,โ€ says Willian, who has been about to delete his social media accounts. โ€œBut its better to share it, not be afraid to pronounce you. People like this have to pay the price for what they do.โ€