Son (18) drags food contest for judge after pa chokes in taco

The family of an American man who suffocated during a food contest with tacos drags the organization of the event to court.

That reports news agency AP. The 18-year-old son Marshall Hutchings claims that his father Dana was unaware of the risks, and

Dana Hutchings died after choking on a taco. It was an amateur match, an event in the calm of a baseball game in August 2019, and participants had to eat as many tacos as possible in a certain time.

Professional eaters train for eating meals, โ€œbut this is not always the case in amateur competitions. The participants should have been informed of the risks,โ€ says the family lawyer.

The owner of the Fresno Grizzlies baseball club, Fresno Sports and Events, must answer for himself. The chairman doesnt want to say anything.