Son David Beckham (15) puts old sweater on sale for more than a ton

Even in the fashion world, they were amazed: Cruz Beckham, the 15-year-old son of David and Victoria, put his old used and damaged sweater on sale at an online auction for an absurd amount.

Okay, it was a sweater from a one-off collection of Louis Vuitton and Supreme from 2017, and according to Cruz, he got the sweater as a gift from fashion designer Kim Jones (47), Louis Vuittons artistic director, writes Page Six. However, the description also read that one of the laces of the hoodie was missing.

Nevertheless, the garment was offered for sale from $45,000. If a buyer wants to pay $150,000, the sweater is guaranteed for him.

However, people who saw the offer did not enjoy it. They wondered if young Beckham was doing this for charity. In that case, theyd have another reason to buy it. But different? โ€œHe got it for free and its not like he needs more money.โ€